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Meet the Goddess Tribe


Kora, Freia, Reina, Amma, Oceana, Shamana, Satora and Arya are your wild, conscious Tribe of 8.


Each Goddess represents all aspects of divine feminine empowerment through a synthesis of quantum physics, archetypal wisdom, ancient spiritual chakra tradition, gemstone aesthetic, colour psychology and Buddhist mindful intention.


The Tribe of 8 are your personal style council who invite you to revel in a divine journey of transformation, celebrating the many layers of what it is to be a dynamic, authentic, evolving and forever changing woman. They encourage the devotion to delve beyond the surface, beyond personality and embrace every part of your unique complexity in order to live your best life now.


There are eight energy centers. Each Goddess conveys the inner expansion and balance of each center.


Conquer with Kora – The part of you that has no fear, that’s wild, fierce and ambitious

Celebrate with Freia – The part of you that delights in pleasure, freedom and sensuality

Empower with Reina – The part of you that is uninhibited and powerful beyond measure

Flow with Amma – The part of you that loves unconditionally

Dive deep into Oceana – The part of you that expresses authenticity and creates purpose

Be still with Shamana – The part of you that trusts intuition and creates mindful ritual

Play with Satora – The part of you that is filled with joy for the ever present moment

Fly with Arya – The part of you that lifts the veil of illusion and realizes connection with everything


There is simply nothing more divine on earth than a joyful, cherished woman in pure love of self, fully engaged with her power and expression. When we raise our frequency and realize this is our one true currency we can heighten our awareness, manifest what we deserve, heal our lives and liberate our mind, body and spirit. We can become an empowered force for our family, for our community and for the collective consciousness by being the change that is needed in our world.


We have forged our jewellery with the intention of creating beautiful statement pieces that truly empower from within. Our mission is for each of our collectors to become mindful of the colour frequency that is being worn, mindful of the energy center that is being worked on, and mindful to consistently refocus wild thoughts with intention. Each piece of jewellery becomes a personal, modern talisman. It becomes a powerful spiritual accessory; an amulet that harnesses ancient wisdom while simultaneously being a beautiful, stylistic piece of wearable art.


Jewellery is no longer just a treasure to collect. We believe jewellery to be the best conduit to carry your focused intention because jewellery is personal and precious. All you have to do is wear it. The jewellery will remind you throughout the day visually and by touch when empowerment is needed most.


We invite you to begin your journey with EVOKA and explore the landscape of being fearlessly female. Enjoy a Goddess tribe that celebrates your empowerment as you balance your courage, passion, willpower, love, expression, intuition, bliss and awakening.

I Am Wild

First Energy Center – Root Chakra – Scarlet Red


Ruby, Garnet and Red Coral are my armour. They shield the life force and the fire that runs through my blood. Red evokes in me the colours of courage, confidence, energy and strength.

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I Am Passion

Second Energy Center – Sacral Chakra – Sunset Orange


Morganite, Brandy Citrine and Pink Sapphire are my desire. My sunset orange gems evoke the colour of pleasure. They make me feel alive and nurtured. They help me understand how to listen to my body…

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I Am Power

Third Energy Center – Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow


Citrine, Yellow Sapphire and Golden Rutile Quartz are my success stones. My Golden Yellow Gems evoke my absolute sovereignty. I rule my world with the wisdom and grace of a Queen.

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I Am Love

Fourth Energy Center – Heart Chakra – Green


Emerald, Prasiolite, Green Quartz and Green Onyx are my healing. My Green Gems evoke the colour of Humility, Health and Compassion. We carry mother nature inherently within us…

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I Am Truth

Fifth Energy Center – Throat Chakra – Azure Blue


Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Larimar and Turquoise are my calm. My Aqua blue ray gems evoke the colours of clarity, creativity and individuality. They stimulate energy from my heart to my throat…

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I Am Mystic

Sixth Energy Center – Third Eye Chakra – Dark Blue


Sapphire, London Blue Topaz, Labradorite and Kyanite inspire me to embody spiritual truth and wise judgement. My deep blue Gems evoke the colours of intuition, inner secrecy, and visualising.

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I Am Bliss

Seventh Energy Center – Crown Chakra – Purple


Amethyst, Tanzanite and Purple Agate bring me into harmony with the moment. My purple Gems evoke the colours of joy, peace, purity and presence. I value playfulness, freedom and serenity…

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I Am Divine

Eighth Energy Center and beyond – Etheric Chakras – Black and White


I am physical but also spiritual. I have a body but also a soul. I am aware of my frailty but also my strength. My body is mortal but my soul is immortal. I am both Solar and Luna Divinity.

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I Am Goddess

Balancing The Energy Centers Develops Our Conscious Awakening


I am the result of millions of years of evolution. I irrevocably understand the importance of balance within all of my energy centers. I now observe equilibrium with all the colours that express my diverse and multi faceted goddess nature. 

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