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It is our hope that your Evoka Tribe will help nourish and awaken you on your inner journey. May they guide you in expressing the elegance and the fearless female power of your spirit. 

What is Tribe? 
Tribe is a social and emotional bond between women that know no boundary, no race, no class and no geography. Tribe transcends and transforms us for the better. It values respect, kindness, curiosity and love. It is an empowerment revolution that happens from the inside out. It’s based on an understanding that we are not in this alone and that together as a collective we are better, we are stronger and we can achieve anything.

Empowerment is only possible if we consciously come together, become aware of who we are, what we deserve and what we need for our inner growth, healing and expansion especially in our chaotic modern world. 

Tribes through history allow us to rebuild and renew our power as women; to be stronger as mothers, as sisters and daughters in life and to be guided back to our inner light. We share more than friendship – we are storytellers, healers, free spirits, dream partners and spiritual warriors. We write our visions by the light of the moon. Tribe can be full of magic. It is a healing blessing that has the power to ignite our spirit. When we are lost in our darkest moments with pieces of our soul scattered all around us we are not left to sink alone in our sufferings. A goddess tribe unconditionally understands, believes and supports because they too have experienced their battles and victories.

The female conscience we were nourished by centuries ago has been lost over time. Maybe our souls dream of this divine connection again and yearn to relive it. Maybe we were witches. Maybe we were artisans of ancient wisdom and natural medicine sharing stories and synchronizing our cycles. One thing is for sure, we lived as a firm collective sharing, encouraging and helping each other physically, emotionally and psychologically. We compassionately held space for each other to celebrate laughter and support despair. We all shared harvesting, gathering and raising children. We belonged. 

Remember in all aspects of your life do what you love and you’ll find the tribe you love. Be true to you and you will attract your tribe to you. Only spend time with those you feel connected to; those you seek are seeking you. 

As we develop online we will nurture you as one of us. We will embrace you with sacred information, inspiring stories, interesting blogs and jewellery exclusives to nurture the goddess inside of you. 



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