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The Heart of Evoka


Curators of beautiful things

Historically jewellery had been worn as protective amulets since Ancient Mesopotamia. These were forged by hand and endowed with exquisite Gems.

Jewellery empowered the user to step into the unknown with strength and conviction to overcome the future.

Jewellery has developed through the centuries from Medieval, Renaissance, Georgian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Art Deco grandeur.

Our most discerning clients actively seek personal artistic expression with these period influences and nothing conveys this more than our intricate wearable art.

The idea that a powerful individual identity can be captured within a meticulously handcrafted jewel is our love and obsession.

Our quest is to uphold age‑old, handcrafted skill. Our devoted, virtuoso technicians craft Evoka pieces with masterful, Zen-like patience.

In an age where time is such a precious commodity and concentration is easily eroded a lot of jewellery is machine cast. We value that each of our one-of-a-kind pieces showcase generations of legacy and artistry into timeless heirlooms.

Today our jewellery is characterised by an obsession with designing and crafting statement treasures but it is not our end goal.

Curating Jewellery with intention is our mission. We seek to create a new genre of spirited storytelling where our jewellery has a deeply personal meaning for our tribe of collectors.

Our wish is that you go deep into your goddess nature and discover the Evoka piece that resonates with your divine feminine. In order to actively seek your desired intention use the jewellery as your personal talisman. It will provide you with comfort, inspiration and motivation to help keep your focus on track.

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