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Sacred Power

Meet the founder and discover how jewellery can become a Sacred Talisman



Connecting to the source of everything can bring balance into each moment of our existence and this can take many different journeys. Below are various articles that explore the experience of divine awareness and self evolution. When we awaken and align our inner world, our outer world falls into vibrational harmony.  


Jewellery with Intention

When I was 26 years old I travelled to Dharamsala, India to meet the Dalai Lama. When I finally met him, he gave me a little red string and told me to tie it on my body while placing my intention on that which I desired the most. He then told me to never take it off and simply wait for it to fall off naturally…

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Science of Consciousness

While traveling through Cashmere an old boat man once told me, “Never try and balance your two feet on separate boats. Keep both your feet firmly planted on one Shikara boat. This way you will never slip and fall into the water.” I obviously never paid attention to him until the day I was drowning in a lake of my own making…

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Ancient Energy Centres

There are countless volumes on the chakras none more rational, none more intuitive than Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith. I highly recommend her book to all because it is an in-depth analysis that is written in an easy to understand approach…

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Vibrational Colour

The spectrum of light is the frequency of matter. No matter where we look; be it in science with light wave technology, or in nature when looking at a rainbows spectrum, or in ancient wisdom in reference to chakras, or in modern wisdom with colour psychology, colour is a constant that imbues us with knowledge of self…

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Heart Frequency

The heart is the first organ to begin pumping within the foetus. Before any sign of life, the heart begins to pump the spark of presence into our developing body. The heart is the beginning, before the brain and the heart as you will soon discover is the end to our conscious unravelling…

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Sacred Activation

Creating a sacred space for activation is not done for aesthetic pleasure, it is created so that the mind can habituate into the practice of meditation. No matter how versed in meditation you are, habituating a daily practice does not come easily, especially when there are partners, mortgages, kids and a house to look after…

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