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Our Journey


Natalie and Claudio are a husband and wife duo who are the creative force behind EVOKA.

They share a passion for beauty, sustainable creation, conscious consumerism and the deeper meaning of life in its myriad of forms.

Claudio is a designer, spiritual seeker and creative visionary.

Natalie is a fine arts scholar and has exquisite expertise in gemmology. 

Together they create the magic of EVOKA: A luxurious gemstone jewellery brand that is dedicated to the empowerment of women. By honouring divine spirit, Evoka reveres femininity in all its facets.


Inspiration for Creation

With a love of travel, discovery and style they found themselves venturing to exotic places.

Byzantine Cathedrals in Sicily.

Gold Souks in Dubai.

Ancient Palaces in Morocco.

Colourful Chapels in Santorini.

These became the seeds of design inspirations.


A vision emerged on the back of serviettes as they sipped margaritas and devoured local culinary delights. 

The brand became a fusion of handcrafted iconic jewellery with the world’s most magnificent precious gems.

Nothing was machine made.

Everything was created by age-old traditions of fine craftsmanship combined with contemporary creativity to give birth to wearable art.

In Australia their pieces caused a stir at shows and in retail because of their unique design, quality and meticulous artisanship.

Before long the luxury cruise ships had invited them to share their gorgeous jewellery with the world.


New Vision and Birth of EVOKA

Natalie and Claudio became proud parents of three children; Kleioh, Raphael and Kora- their most precious gems.

Deeper essence, storytelling and spiritual resonance became a driving force.

They were inspired by ancient myths and legends.

Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Victorian, Edwardian and multi-cultural traditions became their muses.

Their mission was to champion the strength and beauty of contemporary women through the energy and wisdom of the past.

They wanted the collections to become conduits of healing, empowerment and transformation, incorporating mindful Buddhist philosophy, ancient Hindu chakra tradition and Talisman sacred intention.

How could they create pieces of wearable art that inspired women and became timeless heirlooms for future generations?


EVOKA was born

EVOKA embodies all the energy, beauty, strength, wisdom, protection, nurture, confidence, mystery and drive of 8 Archetypal Goddesses.

They represent the divine feminine and give you the resources you need to navigate and celebrate our modern world.

Empowering and nurturing women is the passion and purpose.


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